Community Enhancement Grant – City of Grande Prairie

Original Posted Date:3/22/2016

Community Enhancement Grant

The Community Enhancement Advisory Committee is accepting applications for 2016 Community Enhancement Grants.

Projects that add to the beautification of the community and/or foster environmental responsibility are eligible for this grant.

Michelle Gairdner, Manager of Environmental Stewardship says “The projects should engage and better the community, improve the quality of life for residents and be expected to endure at least three years.”

Previously funded projects have included murals within the community, landscaping projects and the addition of recycling bins within neighbourhoods.

The deadline for application is April 8.

Spring and Summer Tree Pruning Program Set to Begin – City of Grande Prairie

Original Posted Date:3/21/2016

Parks OperationsStarting May 1, Parks Operations will begin maintaining City-owned trees, as part of the annual Spring and Summer Tree Pruning Program.

City arborists assess each tree to determine the most beneficial type of tree pruning to perform.
Any possible hazards due to a decline in stability of the tree or branches will be addressed.
Other issues such as insect or disease damage, as well as pedestrian or vehicle clearance will be factored in to the assessment.

This year pruning will focus on Ash, Poplar, Mayday/ Cherry trees , and dead or hazard tree removals.

“We begin by evaluating the tree’s overall health,” says Dan Beilman, Parks Tree Maintenance Technician. “This allows us to determine the most beneficial way to proceed. And in all cases International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) pruning practices are utilized”.

Safety of workers and the general public is of the utmost importance. Citizens and visitors are asked to watch out for “TREE WORK AHEAD” signs, pylons, and avoid areas that have been sectioned off.

For more information on the 2016 Tree Pruning Program visit
Further resources can be found at

Know Your Neighbour – City of Grande Prairie Media Release

Media Release

March 14, 2016

Building Strong Communities with Know Your Neighbours

Local Neighbourhood Associations are strengthening community connectedness through a new initiative – Know Your Neighbours.

Neighbourhood HousesIn partnership with the Crime Prevention Department, Know Your Neighbour Cards have been created to encourage neighbours to get out and meet one another.

“Residents are ready and willing to take initiative and address crime in their communities,” says Patricia Trout, Grande Prairie Neighbourhood Associations Co-ordinator. “A connected community is a safer community.”

Board members and volunteers with the Neighbourhood Associations are knocking on doors and distributing Know Your Neighbour cards which have a capacity for information on eight neighbouring homes.

In the event of an emergency or witnessing suspicious activity, residents can provide names and addresses for neighbours. The cards also contain the phone numbers for non-emergency RCMP and Enforcement Services calls and the circumstances to contact either one.

Receiving Cards

Residents can get their Know Your Neighbour cards from their Neighbourhood Association. A complete listing of active associations is available at

Know Your Neighbour Cards can also be picked up at City on 99th, 9910-99 Ave., where Crime Prevention and Neighbourhood Associations are co-located, or downloaded from

Neighbourhood Associations Background

Residents can find out what’s happening in their neighbourhood by liking their community Facebook page or visiting

There are many ways to get involved with Neighbourhood Associations, including volunteering, joining the Board of Directors or participating in fun activities like the upcoming City Scrub. There are 14 established associations within the city and another two forming.

Once an association is formed, there are many benefits including: providing a strong unified voice for the community, an infrastructure to support community groups and initiatives, and a sense of purpose and belonging while making a positive impact in the neighbourhood.

Media enquires may be directed to:

Patricia Trout
Neighbourhood Associations Co-ordinator
Kristi Lea
Community Enhancement Facilitator

Grande Prairie Population Official – City of Grande Prairie

Original Posted Date:3/2/2016

Official Population Numbers2015 Municipal Affairs Population List officially release Grande Prairie’s population at 68,556.

The population numbers came from the Municipal Census conducted in April – June 2015. The city saw significant growth, with over 13,524 new residents since the 2011 Census where population was listed at 55,032.

The new population total does not include the newly annexed Rural Service Area residents.

“This formal recognition will benefit the city by finally allowing us to qualify for larger per capita provincial and federal grants,” says Mayor Bill Given. “Up until now the grants had been based on badly outdated numbers from the 2011 census and the City hadn’t been receiving appropriate funding to support the growth of our community.”


The City of Grande Prairie Census is the official count of dwelling units and the population who are living in these units.

Data for the census was collected online and door to door collection.

Municipal Census for the City of Grande Prairie